Universal College of Engineering’s International Conference on Smart City and Emerging Technologies (ICSCET 2017) in association with IEEE, attempts to envision the advancements of Smart Cities by conducting proper research and planning and by integrating multiple areas to infer insights on the same. It amalgamates interdisciplinary approaches from Computer and Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Civil Engineering and Applied Sciences and Humanities.
The core purposes of the event are:
 To determine and promulgate recent advancements and innovations that aid in the planning, implementation and policy making of smart cities with an impact on solutions from a majorly technological perspective
 To urge discussions, cooperation and coordination from eminent dignitaries with credible positions and experience in their fields and also involved in the ideation and planning of smart cities
 To appeal to the mindset of the citizens in general , involving their interests and vigilant participation , essential for smart city solutions and progress of the nation.